Black Drawing Salve

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Black Drawing Salve 1 oz container.

With Charcoal!

To use: Clean the area well and put a generous amount on the wound, splinter, spider bites or targeted area. Cover with a gauze or band aid. Leave on a few hours or overnight to allow it to draw out infection or object. Repeat as needed. 

An old-time remedy to treat and draw splinters, boils, beestings, insect bites, glass slivers, and other impurities or skin infections. Use to treat acne and blackheads. Use on spider bites to draw out infected area. Customers say it worked when the doctor's prescription failed. 

Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil infused with marshmallow plant, bloodroot and plantain leaf, beeswax, charcoal powder, rosemary essential oil, vitamin E oil and oil of pine. 

Handmade at: Garden Path Soaps. Bird in Hand, PA 17505. 717-668-9842